Jennifer Lyon designs jewelry to be collected, layered and worn day after day. Each bracelet, necklace or earring effortlessly can move from day to night giving its owner limitless wearability. As the Jennifer Lyon Jewelry collection continues to grow, each new piece always complements earlier collections and enhances them. Many of Jennifer's pieces are one-of-kind; all are exceptionally handcrafted.

Inspirations that Jennifer draws from are travel, art, history and even the materials she uses. Each piece is entirely created handcrafted by her, resulting in jewelry that is imaginative, organic and refreshing.

Jennifer enjoys using a mix of elements; exceptional quality precious and semi-precious gemstones, raw materials and exotic collectibles curated from around the world. By combining these materials, she creates pieces that are unique and amazing in detail.

Created from the unexpected, Jennifer Lyon Jewelry seems to take a life of its own with the individual. When worn alone or meaningfully layered, that is when the true beauty of a Jennifer Lyon design shines most.